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Our Story

 Where it all began...

I'm Ash sole owner of Wick Nice.

I have always loved being creative & having a lovely smelling home & being a stay at home Mum (to 5 boys) I needed something to do for 'me' 

In 2016 after ALOT of experimenting in making candles (& gifting to friends & family) I decided to take the plunge that's when Wick Nice was born. 

Where we are today... 

The business has grew so much since & I now offer a variety of home fragrance products including our best selling  Signature Smelly Beans & highly scented Home & Linen Perfumes.

All products are carefully hand poured in small batches from 'compact' home kitchen/dining area (See photo attached)

Our Products...

Before I even began making I knew Soy Wax was the direction I wanted to go. Parrafin wasn't an option for me due to all the nasties & with asthma sufferers in our house (including myself) it just wasn't an option. Our products are made using carefully sourced quality fragrance oils from the UK and USA. Our wax melts contain mica powders (for that ultra pretty shimmery melt pool) and biodegradable glitter because who doesnt need a bit of sparkle in their lives!

My Dream...

With your continued support my dream would be to expand the range even further & aim to have my own premises one day.

Thank you for supporting my dream.

Ash x



To follow me on my journey check out my Instagram @wicknicecandlesandwaxmelts